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Monday, July 28, 2014


This is not so much an introduction to myself as it is an introduction to the work that I do. Well, it's more than work, it is more of a calling. A calling to facilitate the goal of the one who loves us like no other ever could. So much so, that he lay his life aside for a love that, all things considered, sounds too good to be true. Love that unites us to our heavenly father, creator of all things, who placed us on the earth because he wanted someone to love so he made you and I. This one who opened this wondrous door is Jesus who said, "I am come that they (we) might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). The Greek word, perissos, translated here "more abundantly" means superior in quality, superabundant in quantity, excessive, violently beyond measure (Strongs). I believe this abundant life is meant to permeate every facet of our lives, including our relationships, marriages, parenting, friendships, joy, peace, sense of purpose, contentment and emotional, as well as spiritual, health and wholeness.
I have seen through one on one interaction, counseling, teaching and preaching; that awareness, coupled with effective tools for living, can open the doors for the abundant life Jesus came to give. That action can literally change our lives, even if our circumstances stay relatively the same. I have seen that we can live powerfully, see our choices more clearly, be free from fear, doubt, anxiety and insecurity. I have seen that forgiveness can be real, both forgiveness received and forgiveness extended to others, and that this is a key to real freedom. I have seen that trauma, abuse and brokenness need not hold us captive and that the wounded can become like mighty oak trees for the display of the splendor of God's transforming power (paraphrase of Isaiah 61).
Far too often we put up with far too much, because the life Jesus came to give is stolen away. Too many times we feel helpless to do anything about it, yet the promise is true. If only we could believe what he said. If only we knew what to do. If only we had tools that worked.
All this is why I do what I do. My confidence is far less about me and more about the years of seeing God work through me, by his Spirit, through his word, through his wisdom and insight. Like the apostle Paul, if it sounds as if I boast, my boast is not in myself but in him and in his power that works in us.
If we bring to the table our complete honesty. If we give up trying to change others and desire change in ourselves. If we learn to manage feelings rather than try to make them go away. If we mix faith with action. If we believe the giver of life is the expert in how to live that life. If we do these things, then life as we have known it can change. Joy, peace, contentment and purpose can be a reality.
I hope to use this blog to share thoughts that can be a source of help, encouragement, thoughts, challenges and tools that can help in the journey toward that goal of increasing life. I would also like to believe that those who read it can submit questions or topics you are interested in and hopefully I can respond in ways that can be helpful.
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